ONBC - Dive Bar Of Dreamers

Digital single

Catalogue no.: FROG 162-L

Release date: 16-08-2019 

© + (P) 2019 Crunchy Frog
Published by Crunchy Tunes

Music and lyrics written by Camilla Florentz, Tanja Forsberg Simonsen, Ivan Petersen and Mikkel Max Hansen

Camilla Florentz - Vocals and bass
Tanja Forsberg Simonsen - Vocals and keys
Mikkel Max Hansen – Guitars & keys
Ivan Petersen – Drums

Yebo - Percussion

Recorded by Jesper Reginal at N29.
Add recordings by Mikkel Max Hansen
at Cold As Hell.
Mixed by Yebo at Kondi Frost.
Mastered by The Great Nalna at Kondi Frost

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