The Tremolo Beer Gut - From the Vinyl Arhieves of

Tahonga Lounge Babe (most groovy - featuring mr.jon spencer)
Remember Jemez Red
Because They're Young
While Squaresville is Watching From Afar ...
Death Valley' 69

Catalogue no.: FROG 023

Release date: 11-06-2001

Guest vocal on "Tahonga Lounge Babe" by Jon Spencer via telephone from NYC. Lead guitar on same track by The Great Nalna. Band photo by Jessica Tolf Vulpius. Cover by Martin Dennis and Yebo. Special thanks to Pimp Daddy Krogh and Mr. Spencer for making this release possible.

Produced by The Great Nalna & The Tremolo Beer Gut. Recorded through Shure 57's and Sennheiser 421's at Gula ans Tambourine Studios, Malmö. These fine tracks were previously released only on vinyl. The cd is mastered from the original vinyl versions by simply playing the records straight onto the digital master. Track 1 taken from the vinyl album "Under the Influence of..." (FROG 019-1). Tracks 2,4 & 5 was originally released on the 7"-single "While Squaresville Is Watching From Afar..." (FRO 015) by Bad Afro Records and Track 3 from the album "The Inebriated Sounds of..." (FROG 015-1).

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