Yune - Odd One Out

Digital single from the album Agog

Catalogue no.: FROG 172-A

Release date: 14-02-2020 

 © + (P) 2020 Crunchy Frog
Published by Crunchy Tunes
Lyrics written by Tobias Sachse
Music written by Tobias Sachse, Erlend Eggestad, Nikolaj Bugge, Tobias Andreassen and Mads Flethøj Ege
Tobias Sachse: Vocals and synths
Erlend Eggestad: Guitars and synths
Nikolaj Bugge: Guitars
Mads Flethøj Ege: Bass
Tobias Andreassen: Drums and percussion
Additional musician:
Nis Bysted: Percussion
Mixed and produced by Nis Bysted
Additional engineering by Oliver Møller Nehammer
Mastering by Emil Thomsen.

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