Saluting The Crunchy Frog-A-Logue

Choir of Young Believers - Goddamn Your Fingers
Figurines - Television Time
Thee Attacks - Johnny And I
Diefenbach - What's Going On
Who Made Who - Delirium Tremolo
I Am Bones - Lovesong
Ass In RebekkaMaria - These Are All Illusions
Money Your Love - Prima Ballerina
The Asteroid Galaxy Tour - Attack Of The Ghost Riders
Baby Woodrose - Beat City
Death to Frank Ziyanak - Soft The Hard Way
The Kissaway Trail - Favourite Dream
Decorate Decorate vs Cody - Move Your Feet
Thaae/Ramdas feat. Dorthe Gerlach - Beach
Murder - Two Chairs
Slaraffenland- That Great Love Song
The Blue Van - Someone Else
Nikolaj Nørlund - Me Me Me
Maria Timm - Every Little Girl
When Saints Go Machine - Smile
The Broken Beats - Loverman
The Wong Boys vs PowerSolo - Katnazerjammerrock
Marybell Katastrophy - Midnite And The Amorines
Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - Clayton's Hotrod
The Fashion - Fast Awake

Catalogue no.: FROG 076

Release date: 05-09-2009

A big Crunchy Frog thank you to:

All the bands that made the deadlines and also the ones that didn’t. Thanks to all managers, labels and publishers that helped out and gave permission. Thanks to the studios that donated their time. Special thanks to Tine Birger Christensen & Mikael Kristiansen at Edition Wilhelm Hansen and Connie Skovvart for clearing the Kattejammerrock lyrics in next to no time and Søren Krogh Thompson and Playground Distribution for cutting their fee on this release in order to raise more money for the Red Cross. Thank you Betofon. Thank you Merge Records.

Thanks to all the Crunchy Frog artists and songwriters that we have had the honour and privilege to push to the unsuspecting world population. Big thanks to all the people everywhere – too numerous to count or list here - who have worked with us and supported us in these 15 years – you know who you are. Also a small thanks to the evildoers that gave us hell and toughened us up without pulling us entirely over to the dark side - we know who you are. Praise goes to the wonderful Crunchy staff and interns at CF HQ through the years and also Jan & Co and Shelley holding it down at Crunchy Frog Germany and Crunchy Frog US. It seems we together have succeeded in carving out a small corner in this sordid business where work is fun and the music matters more than the bullshit.

And thank you Monty Python.

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