Shiny Darkly - Shiny Darkly

Into the Shade
You Feel Like You Should
He's Suicidal
Bury Us

Catalogue no.: FROG 089

Release date: 04-05-2012

Shiny Darkly are Kristoffer Bech, Mads Lassen and Oliver Matthew Volz.
Delta Korg by Kristian Marstal.

All music written by Shiny Darkly. Lyrics by Kristoffer Bech.
Published by Crunchy Tunes.

Recorded by Jens Søndergård at Jens Benz Studio.
Mix, additional dubs and vocal recordings by Jesper Reginal and Shiny Darkly at Kondi Frost.
Mastered by Nikolaj Vinten at Supersonic.

Artwork by Kristoffer Bech.
Photography by Nick Lee Jerlung.
DTP by Mogens Kjeldsen.

We’d like to thank:
Jessica Tolf Vulpius, Alexander Tovborg, Anne Birch Basse, Jens Benz, Yebo
and the whole Crunchy bunch. And of course our supportive friends and families.

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