Sista Bossen

Crunchy Frog has been a fan of the Swedish band since the release of their first album, "Se Upp För", and after a hefty bidding war with Universal and Sony, Crunchy has been chosen for the collaboration with Kollektivet Records of the release of Sista Bossens new LP, "Titta inte på mig (när jag dansar)".

Sista Bossen mix high-octane punk rock with psychedelic indie in an anarchistic, unformal and at times humoristic way - just the way you like it! As a band, they're an explosive force to be reckoned with, and their  sound and songwriting has a crooked, yet addictive melodic flair.

It would not be entirely wrong to describe Sista Bossen as something in between the Norwegian band Honningbarna and Swedish band bob hund. The lead singer from bob hund, Thomas Öberg, compares Sista Bossen to the mysterious Scanian duo Philemon Arthur and The Dung, which was a great inspiration to bob hund.


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