The Tremolo Beer Gut - The Inebriated Sounds of

Ol' Stam Bull
Clayton's Hotrod
Death Drome
Swedish Erotica
Das Modell
Racehorse From Hell
Come Aleone
Chinese Spy
Las Vegas
Cool Cig's
OK Boys
Shabby Moscow Tremolo
Pet Sounds
Gangster Surf

Catalogue no.: FROG 015

Release date: 05-05-1999

The Inebriated Sounds was produced by the great nalna & The Tremolo Beer Gut. Recorded through shure 57's and sennheiser 421's at Tambourine studios, Malmö. Das Modell was originally performed by Kraftwerk and composed by Ralf Hutter & Karl Bartos, Pet Sounds was originally performed by Beach Boys and composed by Brian Wilson. Las Vegas was originally performed by Thau and composed by Ulrik Petersen & Jesper reginal. All cover songs respectfully arranged by The Tremolo Beer Gut. Ok Boys is a tribute to The OK Kings (RIP). Band Photos by Jessica Tolf Vulpius, artwork by John Bau. Check out the 7"-single "While Squaresville is watching from afar ..." out on Bad Afro records.

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