D/troit - 10 Outta 10 b/w Believe

10 Outta 10

Catalogue no.: FROG 170-7

Release date: 06-03-2020 

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Music by Toke Nisted, Jackie Larsen, Mads Jensen, Stefan Andersen and Klaus Højbjerg.
Lyrics by Klaus Højbjerg

Toke Bo Nisted - Vocals
Klaus Højbjerg - Guitar
Mads Jensen - Keys
Stefan Cannerslund Andersen - Drums, backing vocals
Jackie Larsen - Bass guitar, backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Johan Bylling Lang - Bariton sax
André Bak - Trumpet
Siri Skamby Madsen - Percussion
Samantha Antoniette Smith - Backing voclas
Janet Ramus - Backing vocals

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