The Malpractice - Slur

Potty Mouth
Pig Latin
I See You
The Looting Stages
Sun Smack

Catalogue no.: FROG 156-1

Release date: 05-10-2018 

© + (P) 2018 Crunchy Frog
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes

Music and lyrics written by Johannes Gammelby

Johannes Gammelby: All arrangements, vocals, guitars, drums and samples. Bas on Sun Smack, Exotica & Flux.
Simon Tornby: Bas on all tracks, except Sun Smack, Exotica and Flux.
Morten Riis: Synths on Sun Smack.

Recorded by Jacob Bredahl. Except all vocals and Sun Smack, Exotica and Flux, recorded by Johannes Gammelby.
Mixed by Jacob Bredahl. Except Sun Smack, Exotica and Flux, mixed by Jacques Wait.
Mastering by Emil Thomsen.
Cover art by Beatriz Monteavaro.

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