Various Artists - And Now For Something Completely Crunchy

1 I AM JACKRABBIT - Beta Satan
2 Codename Tremstar - The Tremolo Beer Gut
3 Restorer - I Am Bones
4 That Pop Song - PowerSolo
5 Go My Own Way The New Madness
6 Malmö Sista Bossen
7 Rehab In Heaven Hands of Light
8 Signaler Bidt
9 Get Daddy On The Phone The Malpractice
10 Planetary Dawn Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band
11 Close To You Felines
12 Dive Bar Of Dreamers ONBC
13 Roll The Dice Shiny Darkly
14 What's A Man Gotta Do D/troit
15 The Late Eggstone
16 Alfa Partý Apparat Organ Quartet

Catalogue no.: FROG 162-1

Release date: 13-09-2019 

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