Junior Senior - Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl
Rhythm Bandits
Shake Me Baby
Move Your Feet (Live)

Boy Meets Girl
Move Your Feet
Dynamite (Live)
Chicks and Dicks (Live)
Good Girl, Bad Boy (Live)
The Delta Lab Diary

Catalogue no.: FROG 032

Release date: 10-06-2003

Guest Vocal on "Rhythm Bandits" by Helena Josefson. Lead Vocal on "Move Your Feet (live)" by Thomas Troelsen.
Engineered by Thomas Troelsen and Per Sunding, Produced Thomas Troelsen and Junior, mixed by Thomas Troelsen, Jesper Reginal, Junior and Eggstone, made with love in Delta Lab and Tambourine Studios execept: "Move Your Feet( live)" engineered by Osian Ryner (DR), produced by Martin Rostbøll (DR) and the Great Nalna for DR Rytmisk, recorded live at the Danish Broadcasting Corparation Studio 1, Copenhagen, during the P3 Awards ( December 5th, 2002)

"Boy Meets Girl" directed by Stylewar. "Move Your Feet" directed by Shynola.
Live tracks: audio recorded and mixed by The Great Nalna and Jesper Reginal, video edited by Jesper Rofelt, footage by Jesper Jon, Kiko Sjöberg, Jesper Rofelt, Karsten Andersen, Rune Mielon and Thomas Jessen.
The Delta Lab Diary edited by Jesper Rofelt. 1st unit footage by Senior, 2nd unit footage by Junior, Thomas Troelsen and Jesper Reginal. NB: All the video Components are coded in Quicktime format. If you do not have this program you can download it from www.apple.com/quicktime. The videos do not start automatically, to view simply open the documents on your Mac or PC.
Due to variances in hardware, we can't garantee playback on all machines.

Mastering by Morten Bue, Graphic design by PMK/FA
c+p 2003 Crunchy Frog. Published by Crunchy Tunes. BIEM/ ncb. Frog 032-2

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