THAU - Daddy Steals Upon the West German Deutschmark

Kung Fu Song
3 Whole Days
Dogs (A Love Surreal)
Something Secret
I Like

Catalogue no.: FROG 002

Release date: 1995

Track 1-3 recorded at Short & Painless, Hamburg on Bunkers 8-track (es klingt verdammt geil) by Uffe Lauesen. Produced & mixed by Uffe and THAU. Track 4-6 recorded live at Huset, Århus during Venue '95. Produced & recorded by Preben Kæseler & Jacob Langkilde, DR. Mixed by Jacob, Uffe & Yebo.

All instruments played by THAU except: Moog & Grand Piano on track 4 and Moog on track 6 by Karsten Irving Schiøler.

Cover by Tonny Schmidt & THAU. Photos + subtitles taken from Victor B. Andersens Maskinfabrik. Copyright Kenn André Stilling.

Guten Abend bitte: Uffe, Bunker (% his powerdrill), Per, automatic, Ajax & Hans, Kenn André Stilling, Show & Miko, Jim, Learning from Las Vegas, Ulrich, Jacob L., Henry P., Bjarne R., Stærke, Soma-boy, Gry, Rosa, Staten, Rockomondo, vores musikalske brødre & søstre, Kirsti, Thom Thom + all at Crunchy Frog.

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