ONBC - Dark Matter - Part 1

1 Andromeda
2 Spoiled
3 Ghost Town
4 Goodbye to All That
5 Cannoneers
6 Dead Air
7 Shine
8 Sometimes

Catalogue no.: FROG 193-B

Release date: 09-12-2022 

© 2022 + (P) 2022 Crunchy Frog
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes

Music and lyrics written by Camilla Florentz, Tanja Forsberg Simonsen, Ivan Petersen and Mikkel Max Jorn

Camilla Florentz - Vocals and bass
Tanja Forsberg Simonsen - Vocals, keys and grand piano
Mikkel Max Jorn - Guitars, keys, morse and vocals
Ivan Petersen - Drums, guitar, bass and vocals

Additional musicians:
Jesper Reginal - Percussion, theremin and vocals
Søren Bække Olesen - Lap steel
Nils Gröndahl - Saw

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