Thee Attacks - Dirty Sheets

Take Take Take
Rock Bottom
So Cold
Stop Saying No
A Little Success
I See Through You
Watch Your Game
You're It
Where Did All the Love Go
Gun In My Hand

Catalogue no.: FROG 091

Release date: 17-09-2012

Thee Attacks are
Jimmy Attack: Vocals, Guitar and Organ
Ritchie Attack: Thee Drums and Percussion
Johnny Attack: Electric Bass Guitar
Terry Attack: Lead Guitar and Organ

Additional instruments, percussion and backing vocals by Yebo and The Great Nalna

Produced by Liam Watson and Jesper Reginal
Original recordings produced by Liam Watson at Toe Rag, London
Vocals, solos and dubs produced by Jesper Reginal at Kondi Frost, Copenhagen
Mixed by Jesper Reginal and The Great Nalna at Kondi Frost
Mastered by Mikkel Gemzøe at C4, Copenhagen

All songs written by Thee Attacks
Published by Crunchy Tunes
Front photo ”Disco Ball 1” by Mr. Story
Band photos by Søren Solkær Starbird
Artwork by Jesper Reginal

Thank you:
Crunchy Frog, Jesper “Yebo” Reginal, Liam Watson, The Great Nalna, Mikkel Gemzøe, Bobkat Agency, Headquarter Entertainment, Gearbox Agency, Steve Lee, Mads Mulvad, Søren Oakes Christensen, Andreas Nielsen, DRS Drums, WORDS, Prim, Christian Westphal, Søren Solkær Starbird, Jonas Bang, Joseph Story, Smed, MXD, DMFF, Statens Kunstråd, ladies & lovers, friends & family.

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