First Floor Power - Don't Back Down

God Damn Your Fingers
The Jacket
People In The Shadows
No Money and a Fee
Road is Long
To Do List
Silly Dream and the Flying Kite
Holding The Ladder
It's an Interview

Catalogue no.: FROG 062

Release date: 05-05-2008

Produced by First Floor Power.
Recorded and mixed by Tom Hakava at UpandRunningRecording.
Mastered at Cutting Room by Mats Lindfors.
Cover design by Sara Wilson.
DTP by Mogens Kjeldsen.
Photos by FFP and Emanuel Almborg.

Thanks to:
Adam Kammerland, Andreas Hedwall, Andreas Söderström, Christian Olsson, Emanuel Almborg, Erik Bäfvig, Jenny Wilson, Joachim Ekermann, Johanna Billing, Malin, Alma & Bo Lager, Marcus Palm, Marisa Fjärem, Niklas Korssell, Simone Rubi, Tuomas Hakava, Viktor Hvidfeldt and to all the people at Crunchy Frog.

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