Gather 'round, ladies and gentlemen - it's soul time! Straight out of Copenhagen, here's a band that seamlessly fuse James Brown with Marvin Gaye and garage rock. It's groovy, it’s highly addictive, like honey to your ears, but still a little rough at the edges and up to no good. Just how you like it!

The sound of D/troit has quite a twist of original Northern Soul. Also, there’s a gritty note to their sound which gives depth and authenticity to the string of potential hit singles they’re grinding out at a breathtaking pace. And it’s no use trying to hide it: D/troit appeals at least as much to the ladies as to the gents.

The band builds on the cinders of accomplished garage rock bands The Breakers and The Magic Bullet Theory. You can hear their rock’n’roll pedigree in the music, but D/troit is pure soul. To bring it all full circle, the legendary Detroit native Mr. Mick Collins of The Gories and The Dirtbombs does a guest appearance on the bands debut EP, "Do The Right Thing".


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