18th Dye

Legendary noise-rockers 18th Dye released their third album, “Amorine Queen” with Crunchy Frog.

Originally based in Berlin, German/Danish 18th Dye reigned on the indie rock scene in the 90’s. The band broke up in 1995 after having released their 2nd album, “Tribute to a Bus”, but fortunately thought the better of it, and 10 years later they started playing live shows again. The old magic was still there, and the band started writing new material which in 2008 lead to the release of “Amorine Queen”. It saw 18th Dye elaborating their oeuvre, and not the least, of all their releases, this is the album that best evokes the huge impact of the 18th Dye live shows.

Sadly, by 2009 they decided to break up the band once again.

18th Dye was – and always will be – Sebastian Büttrich (guitar, vocal), Heike Marie Rädeker (bass, vocal) and Piet Breinholm Bendtsen (drums, vocal).


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