Felines is a band out of Copenhagen, with Ditte Melgaard on guitar, Mei-Long Bao on drums, Asta Louisa Bjerre on bass and Kristian Bønløkke on synth. They play lo-fi, hi-hopes pop songs with a laid-back charm and seemingly effortless ease. Their sweet-talking, experimental-emotional CPH blues has a sound that lands somewhere between ESG, The Breeders and Delta 5, but with a sense of flow and fun which is all their own.


From their first fumbles in 2010 the band soon released two EPs and an album, toured Europe several times and soundtracked the runway of Saint Laurent Paris. Now as a quartet, with Kristian Bønløkke joining last year, they will soon be releasing a new ingenious mess of an EP, out on vinyl through Crunchy Frog (DK), followed shortly after with a cassette version on the American label Burger Records.


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