The Mopeds - Fortissimo

Extremely Ordinary
Refused Demo Land
If I Told You So
Television Time
Gotta Beware
Steal A Girl
Monkey Mercedes
Phonogram Sam

Catalogue no.: FROG 040

Release date: 04-04-2005

Written, performed and produced by The Mopeds at Gula Studion, Malmö.

Extra strength performances by Sven Andersson (saxophones) & Petter Holmberg (guitars).
Mixed, edited and fortified by Jesper Reginal & The Great Nalna at Kondi Frost, Copenhagen.
Mastered by Morten Bue.
Cover paintings by Max Levin Kugler, Freja C. Riemann, Victoria Sobocki, Liv Larsen-Lechuga, Frederik W. Moesgaard.
Cover concept and design by Martin Dennis at Nürnberg Design.

The Mopeds would like to thank:
Børnene på billedskolen i Tvillingehallen og Karoline Kampmann, Martin Dennis, Spild af Tid, Sven & Petter, Jessi, Yebo & Nalna, Jesper Kumberg, Jan & Diane, The Gula Crowd, our families, girlfriends and other friends.

Special thanks to Jenka, Emma and Sara for pushing the button.

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