Beta Satan - Girls, Mistreated and Remixed

Rave Kned (Cph Rules Supreme Tremolo Beer Gut cover)
Star Party Death (Marybell Katastrophy remix)
Let's Talk About Sex (Druggy Viggo Sommer remix)
Party on the Death Star (Oliver North Boy Choir Remix)
Party on the Death Star (Supertroels remix)

Catalogue no.: FROG 075

Release date: 11-05-2009

The Tremolo Beer Gut, Marybell Katastrophy, Oliver North Boy Choir, Supertroels and Druggy Viggo Sommer (feat. Kim LAS) all mistreated and remixed favourite tracks from Beta Satan's debut album 'Girls'.

This is the result.

All tracks produced, (re-)recorded and mixed by the individual artists.

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