Heavy Trash - Going Way Out With...

That Ain't Right
Double line
Way Out
I Want Oblivion
I Want Refuge
Outside Chance
You Can't Win
Crying Tramp
Crazy Pritty Baby
Kissy Baby
She Baby
You Got What I Need
They Were Kings

Catalogue no.: FROG 054

Release date: 20-08-2007

Produced by Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray.
Recorded at Toes Rag Studio, London with Ed Turner and Liam Watson; Camp Street Studio, Boston with Paul Q. Kolderie; NY Hed Studio, NYC with Ivan Julian and Matt Verta-Ray.
Mixed by Jon Spencer/Matt Verta-Ray at NY Hed and Headgear Studio, Brooklyn.
Mastered by the Great Nalna at Kondi Frost.
All songs written by Jon Spencer/Matt Verta-Ray C 2007
Patricia Ann Music/Marsupial Parlay Vous (BMI) Except Kloi.

Art by Tony Millionaire. Design by Chip kidd.
Crunchy Version by Nis Bysted.

Thanks to Matt Abels at Rhino, Jon Barry, Boche Billions, Dougie Bowne, Jay "The Converter" Braun, Liz Buckley at Ace, Christina Campanella, Angie Carlson, Loren Chodosh, Copter, Enrico Croci, Carolyn Curtis, Jen Czin, D. Rangers, Mike Edison, Gin Palace, Charles Hall, Heart, Tom Long, Anthony Malat, Christina Martinez, Messerchups, The Micragirls, The Miller Family, Scott Norton, Powersolo, Craig Robinson, Rud, Rich Sandrok at Shure, Monika Skaberne, Charlie Spencer, The Tremolo Beer Gut.

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