D/troit - Heavy

1 Heavy
2 Higher
3 I Want You
4 Gotta Have Soul
5 D/hustle
6 Jealousy
7 Love Machine
8 Sugar Me
9 Let's Make A Baby
10 D/swag
11 Decency

Catalogue no.: FROG 187-1

Release date: 03-06-2022 

© + (P) 2022 Crunchy Frog
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes

Music by Toke Nisted, Jackie Larsen, Mads Jensen, Stefan Andersen and Klaus Højbjerg.
Lyrics by Klaus Højbjerg

Toke Bo Nisted - Vocals
Klaus Højbjerg - Guitar
Mads Jensen - Keys
Stefan Andersen - Drums and percussion
Jackie Larsen - Bass guitar

Produced by Jesper Reginal
Co-produced by Christian Ki & D/troit
Recorded by Christian Ki, Jesper Reginal, Peter Iversen and Johan Bylling Lang at Viktoria Studios, Sauna Recording Studio, Willow Studio and Kondi Frost (Copenhagen)
Mixed by Christian Ki, Wayne Gordon, Simón Guzmán and Jesper Reginal at Ki!'s Hut (Copenhagen), Burnhouse Studios (Los Angeles), i.d.u.y.b studio  (Pasadena) and Kondi Frost
Mastered by Anders Schumann at C4 (Copenhagen)
Vinyl cut by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Loop-O (Berlin)

Additional Performers:
Backing Vocals: Samantha Antoinette Smith & Lauraine Mcintosh
Saxophones and flute: Johan Bylling Lang
Trumpet: Bjarke Nikolajsen
Percussion: Siri Skamby
More percussion: Yebo
Guitar on "I Want You": Ki!
Childrens choir on "Heavy": Villads Ploug Madsen, Frederik Elvers Bærentzen, Juliane Elvers Bærentzen, Johan Lunddahl Madsen,
Loui Alexander Seidelin, Zeth Hviid Brain, Marius Dybdal Grønkjær, Rosa Xenia Smila Funder Martin, Pelle Engberg Eiriksson & Louis Asbjørn Gottlieb-Andersen

"Heavy" contains samples from "Soul Sound System" by D/troit and "Jive Jimmie Juma" by The Tremolo Beer Gut

Cover art by We Don't Like Art
Front photo by Hedley Dindoyal
Back photo by Bix

To our amazing, loving and unbelievably patient families and especially our wives and girlfriends: Karen, Johanna, Frida and Tanne. Without you nothing of this would be possible or even meaningful.
To our brilliant live musicians who always make us look and sound better: Siri Skamby, Johan Bylling Lang, Bjarke Nikolajsen, André Bak & Jeppe Starcke.
To the Crunchy Frog family: Jessica, Thor, Poe, Sebastian, Nalna, Gareth, Max & Yebo.
To our hardworking booking agents: Jesper Kemp (Bullet Booking) & Yann Mangels (FKP Scorpio).
To the amazing singers Samantha Antoinette Smith and Lauraine Mcintosh for making the best backing vocal ever!
To the wonderful Dan Koplowitz (Friendly Fire), Hedley Dindoyal, Jesper ‘MUVE’ Jensen, Peter Iversen & Anders Riis.
Special thanks:
Christian Ki: Mixer, producer and friend. The amount of hours you spent on this album is insane! Your mixing and creativity is second to none! You are the best!
Jesper Yebo Reginal: We are blessed to have you as a label manager and friend. Thank you for staying up all night every time it is needed. Your work ethic is CRAZY! You constantly strive to make everything even better than legendary!  

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