If We Took The Bones Out It Wouldn't Be Crunchy

Lars & The Hands of Light - Me Me Me
First Floor Power - The Jacket
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
Sterling - Ikke rigtig i mit hoved
superheroes - Someone Else
Wolfkin - A Vacant Heart
ONBC - Endeavour

THAU - All It Takes Is Everything
18th Dye - Amorines
Naked - Crust
Learning from Las Vegas - Ten Thousand Songs
The Mopeds - Loverman
Tothe International - Steak And Potatoes

Kim & The Cinders - Loved To Death
Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit band - Black Egg
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Clayton's Hotrod
Thee Attacks - Love In Disguise
Heavy Trash - Double line
PowerSolo - Gimme The Drugz
The Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghost Riders

Shiny Darkly - Diana
epo-555 - Sophia
The Malpractice - Dead Zones
Apparat Organ Quartet - Cargo Frakt
Beta Satan - Let's Talk About Sex
Düreforsög - Rubber Man

Catalogue no.: FROG 105-1

Release date: 08-09-2014

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