PowerSolo - It's Raceday... And Your Pu..y Is Gut!!!

Baby, You Ain't Looking Right
Kat Nazer (Powersoul)
Mr. Suit
Oak Tree Girl
Hillbilly Child
Fertilizer Baby
Good Behaviour
Booty Smoke
Broken Wings
Be Witcha
Don't Hate Me Baby

Catalogue no.: FROG 036

Release date: 08-03-2004

Produced by The Great Nalna, Jesper Reginal and PowerSolo. Recorded at Delta Lab. Enginered by The Great Nalna. Mixed at Kondi Frost by The Great Nalna, Jesper Reginal and JCBenz. Mastered at Tocano by Morten Bue. Cover by Martin "Nürnberg" Dennis and Yebo. Pitbull photo by Kurt Langer. Band photo by Lasse Hoile.

Additional musicians:
Andre Williams: Vocal on HILLBILLY CHILD
Helle Hellcat: Vocal on DON'T HATE ME BABY
NALNA: Pedal steel, guitar, organ harmofon, backing vocals and moog
Yebo: Percussion, backing vocals and harmofon
Anna Køster and Lullu Jensen: Backing vocals on KAT NAZER, FERTILIZER BABY and TRUCKIN'
Petter Lindgård: Horns on JUANITO and DON'T HATE ME BABY
Sven Andersson: Barytone sax on FERTILIZER BABY
Karsten "Show" Schiøler: Backing vocals on KAT NAZER
The Kondi Frost Pit Babies: Backing vocals on NASCAR

Thanx to Crunchy Frog, Gearbox, Nalna and The Leather Zombie, Mr. Henriques, Roffe, Fzat, Yebo, Helle Hellcat, Andre Williams, Stefan, Anna, Lullu, Petter, Kristian Riis, Rosa, Niko Fee, Tor Fruergaard, Christian Trabolt, Mean Ole Cat Crew: Thomas Mikkelsen, Lea Kloppenborg Degn, Palle Nørmark, Carsten Reinholdt, Niels-Peter Henriksen og Hans Jørgensen. Gravenice, Mark og Annalisa for garage and good texan beer. The Defectors, Superheroes, The Real Moneymakers, Bob Log III. Mette, Katrine, Tina & Little Hank. Lars Jeppesen. Racetracks all over the world. Friends and Family.

Special Thanx to Jessica Tolf Vulpius, Thomas Troelsen and Nick Sorento.

Written by Kim Jeppesen. Except HILLBILLY CHILD: Words by Kim Jeppesen and Andre Williams

Published by Crunchy Tunes except KAT NAZER published by Kix Music. KAT NAZER recorded with permission from Kick Music a/s.

p+c 2004 Crunchy Frog. All rights reserved. BIEM/NCB

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