Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson is often – rightfully – hailed as the queen of alternative Scandinavian pop music. Her fourth album, “Demand the Impossible!”, earned her three Swedish Grammys – Best Pop Album, Best Producer and Best Video. It just goes to prove once again that the Swedes have excellent taste in music!

Throughout her career as a singer, composer and producer, Jenny Wilson has proved daring and inventious, always eager and ready to move forward. A rebellious will to experiment has lead her into the arms of prominent collaborators such as The Knife, Robyn and Anders Trentemøller.

Crunchy Frog has the pleasure and privilege of releasing “Demand the Impossible!” outside of Scandinavia. Thus, Jenny Wilson finally gets to be reunited as labelmates with her old band, First Floor Power.

Oh, and in case you’ve been wondering what the heck “Demand the Impossible!” is supposed to mean, the words were sprayed on a wall in Paris during the student riots in 1968 by radical youth: “Be realistic, demand the impossible”. As Jenny herself says: “I love the beauty and the noise in this expression. It just says it all – what can you do when you are a citizen in a society that’s fucked up? Go out and demand the impossible!”


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