Superheroes - Johnny And I

Johnny and I (featuring Senior)
Travelling To Space
Miami (synth version)
I Touched Her Legs (sportsman mix by lab life)
Superheroes (the court of the superheroes by fantastic plastic
Johnny and I (Johnny goes to hollywood by puddu varano)

Catalogue no.: FROG 016

Release date: 15-11-1999

Recorded at tambourine studios produced and engineered by superheroes and batti track 3 recorded at twilight studios engineered by leo steengaard mastered by jesper reginal and morten bue written by troelsen except track 3 written by troelsen/tarpgaard design by superheroes additional vocal on track 1 by senior horns on track 2 by jens lindgaard and peter lindgaard the original version of track 4 remixed by LaB LIFE and track 5 remixed by fantastic plastic machine can be found on the dancing casanova album puddu varano appears courtesy of BMG all songs published by crunchy tunes biem/ncb (c)+(p) 1999 crunchy frog except remixed tracks 4 and 5 (p) 1999 crunchy frog / avex inc.

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