Ki’s debut album was born as the tunes were written and recorded, track by track, over the course of a couple of years, many as homages to some of his favourite artists such as Fela Kuti, Sharon Jones,George Harrison, J Dilla, Link Wray, Elizabeth Cotten, etc. The variety of genres, styles and sounds on the album is all over the map, drawing inspirations from different periods and from all over the world. Processing and digesting it all, Ki! is producing music that feels truly singular and authentic, but has a through-line that only really communicates itself when you look at the big picture. There is a holistic aspect to Ki!’s eclecticism that gives “The Boy From Haeundae Beach” the breadth and depth that ultimately is the real attraction. 20 highly diverse tracks, some instrumental, some featuring guest vocalists, span this debut double LP.


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