Shiny Darkly - Little Earth

Little Earth
Animal Fate
Soft Skin
Eternal Chase
Sacred Floor
This Frail Creature
Dead Stars

Catalogue no.: FROG 098

Release date: 31-03-2014

Shiny Darkly:
Kristoffer Bech - Vocals & guitars
Mads Lassen - Drums & percussion
Oliver Matthew Volz - Bass

Little Earth:
Written by Shiny Darkly
Lyrics by Kristoffer Bech
Produced by Jesper Reginal
Engineered by Jesper Reginal at Gula Studion Malmö, Tambourine Studios Malmö & Kondi Frost Copenhagen
Mixed by Jens Benz Søndergaard at Jens Benz Studio Copenhagen
Mastered by Mikkel Gemzøe at C4 Copenhagen

Artwork by Kristoffer Bech
Layout by René Steen Sørensen
Dtp by Jesper Reginal
Photo by Søren Solkær

Additional musicians:
Synthesizer by Kristian Due Marstal
Horns by Morten Jessen & Daniel Bonde on “Little Earth” & “Dead Stars”
Marimba by Oliver Matthew Volz on ”Little Earth” & Mads Lassen on “Sacred Floor”
Vibraphone by Yebo on “Ignorance”

XOs to everyone who helped this record come true

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