The Tremolo Beer Gut – Live, Beyond Our Means

Las Vegas (Live)
Chinese Spy (Live)
Diablo Mountains Sunrise (Live)
Slingshot Dragster (Live)
Clayton’s Hotrod (Live)
Remember Jemez Red (Live)
Swedish Erotica (Live)
Junkie Tools (Live)
Theme from The Beer Hunter (Live)
Danube Incident (Live)
Sonofabitch (Live)
Nosy Parker (Live)
The Motherfucking G (Live)
Death Drome (Live)
Zoo Bizare (Live)
Gangster Stuff (Live)

Catalogue no.: FROG 119

Release date: 11-12-2015

Listen Up!!!
It’s The Tremolo Beer Gut

All selections written by The Tremolo Beer Gut and published by Crunchy Tunes, except “Danube Incident” written by Lalo Schifrin and published by Sony Music Publishing Brazil.

Produced by The Tremolo Beer Gut

Jengo: Guitar
The Great Nalna: Guitar
Per Sunding: Bass
Yebo: Drums & Theremin

Guest star:
Christopher “Dompan” Dominique: The Grand Piano on “Death Drome”

Recording notes:
The events embodied on this long player record album transpired on the eve of Saturday April 18th 2015 at Tambourine Studios, Malmö in front of a lively audience of fifty or so fans, friends and family. Sixteen wild, rambunctious and utterly untamed live classics of and by The Tremolo Beer Gut. The music, the banter and the wet, hot atmos was engineered and committed to 2-inch tape by Fredrik “Nephew” Sunding. After having rested and matured nicely over summer, the recordings were mixed to two reels of ½-inch tape on October 3rd. The master tapes were then brought to Copenhagen where Anders Schumann expertly mastered them at C4. The vinyl lacquer was cut by Andreas “Lupo” Lubich for your max wax pleasure at Calyx Mastering in Berlin.

Artwork notes:
Front photograph was shot by Jessica Tolf Vulpius and colorized by Petter Lönegård. The collage on the back was cut from a live shot by Henrik Ziegler. The sleeve was designed by We Don’t Like Art & Jesper Reginal.

Big thanks to our audience. First and foremost the beautiful people that participated in the recording session, but also everyone that has ever attended a TBG show. Without you it would have been… well, rehearsal (ew!). Thanks to Dompan for the bass keys and the PA. Appreciation also goes out to the leprechaun that floated by on a cloud and told Jon Box to suggest the title for this LP. Our live crew should be thanking us, really, but we’ll generously acknowledge their craft, professionalism and friendship on the road through the years: Jens Benz, Jesper Lydmand, Rocklærlingen & Nephew for sound and Rud, Juulen & Thor for tour management of varying competence.

“Yes Sir, I was there, back in 1998 when The Tremolo Beer Gut played their very first show at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen. The band had formed with the very explicit purpose of playing live music “under the influence” – and keeping their mouths shut! Mind you, having three ample singers in a purely instrumental band took a lot of shutting up, only interrupted by frequent guzzling of alcoholic beverages and just a pinch of inebriated shouting. Apparently the audience took part in the guzzling as well, because honestly, I can’t tell this historic stage-performance apart from the many that were to come. And I’m not entirely convinced the band can either.

And yes Ma’am, I was there seventeen years later when The Tremolo Beer Gut finally decided to come full circle and do a live album recording. Everything was set for an evening of tremolophonic bliss to be captured on tape for generations to come. Well, actually several tapes had to be used as they have a quite short running time. The tape changes entailed breaking the show up in smaller sets. But that’s what you get when dealing with The Tremolo Beer Gut – it has to be done right. Old school style. And what better place to do it exactly right than the world famous Tambourine Studios. The same studios where all of their four full-length studio albums were recorded. The perfect return to the perfect scene of the perfect crime. The crime of bringing you the true sound of The Tremolo Beer Gut in full-blown live-action!

And yes my friends, let me tell you: In this case crime does pay. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending a live-performance by The Tremolo Beer Gut, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what awaits on these fine recordings – just add the smoke. If not, you’re in for a nice surprise! Because how do you describe the world’s No. 1 old school surf ‘n’ western outfit? You don’t. You listen. You listen up good! No doubt, LIVE, BEYOND OUR MEANS offers you The Tremoloriffic Four at the height of their might. This fateful Saturday night the crowd was treated with a firestorm of stage-show favorites, and even the humble appeal for ‘something by Elvis’ brought forward by yours truly on a regular basis for the past seventeen years is preserved for all posterity on this vibrant stereophonic long player. Thus far, the band has utterly and unequivocally ignored the request, but I’ll be delighted to attend the next seventeen years’ worth of shows and make my demand heard.

Because yes, boys and girls, The Tremolo Beer Gut truly do rock. Hear them go! Hopefully, the sixteen freshly recorded titles featured on the two generously filled sides of this record doesn’t leave you too breathless to flip back to Side One for a repeat-play. And then another.”

J “Poe” Stærmose

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