Luster is the colourful and wild brainchild of Danish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jacob Haubjerg, also known from Palace Winter, Trentemøller, The Savage Rose and Sleep Party People.
PRESSURE, his 2022 sophomore album, is a genre-mesh - an eclectic, proggy and tuneful collection of songs that are both entertaining and moving. It’s hard, thankfully, to make direct comparisons, but the eclecticism and playfulness present in Beck and Bowie are perhaps the closest we can get. Their effortless juggling of genres always manages to have a poppy heart and to approach music with a playful humour, no matter how serious the core of the song.

On PRESSURE, string arrangements and voices spread across the horizon only to be replaced by a solid bass synth beneath our feet, lead vocal front and center. Coupled with detailed and eclectic arrangements, this compliments the record’s outward-looking theme: One of distorted communication and connection in a largely digital, modern world. One of pressure as a facet of the human condition, both personal and universal.



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