Nous Sommes The Tremolo Beer Gut... Qui Le Fuck Êtes​-​Vous?

Delirium Tremolo
9 Times The Pain
Shoreditch Capone
Junkie Tools
Damn Right
More The Man I Used To Be
Zoo Bizarre
Opium Svengali
The Old Back Hand
The Motherfucking G
Nosy Parker
(She’s Got) Peter Lorre Eyes
29 Palms Grind
Moonlit Cunt

Catalogue no.: FROG 059

Release date: 28-01-2008

This album was produced and engineered by The Tremolo Beer Gut. It was recorded in the fall of 2007 through top quality microphones onto a 16 channel 2 inch MCI tape machine in the world famous Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden where it was later mixed on a quadraphonic Neve mixing desk down to dual mono master on an Otari ½ inch machine. Old style. Just how you like it. Mastered by The Great Nalna, Yebo and Jørgen Knub at Audioplanet, Copenhagen.

This duophonic recording can also be played on monophonic equipment.

The original instrumental version of 9 TIMES THE PAIN was entitled DIODO, written by Armando “Tical” Sciascia and performed by Blue Phantom. DAMN RIGHT was originally performed by Tothe International. These cover songs were respectfully arranged by The Tremolo Beer Gut. All other songs was written, arranged and executed by The Tremolo Beer Gut for your listening pleasure. NOVOSIBIRSK and AZTEK UZBEK STARTREK are bonus tracks for vinyl only and are new and improved versions of two songs originally written and recorded for the movie "They Came From the West".

Per Sunding: Bass guitar, guitar, piano, autoharp, organ, vocals
Jengo: Guitars, percussion, sublime malicious tremolo action, vocals
The Great Nalna: Guitars, pedal steel, contra bass, autoharp, organ, vocals
Yebo: Drums, vibraphone, theremin, percussion, guitar, bass, vocals

The Micragirls: Vocals on THE MOTHERFUCKING G and 9 TIMES THE PAIN
Kim Kix: Vocals and animal sounds on ZOO BIZARRE
Atomic Child: Animal sounds on ZOO BIZARRE
Righteous Boy: Bass vocals on MORE THE MAN I USED TO BE and MOONLIT CUNT
Bas Morgansen: Organ solo on DELIRIUM TREMOLO

Cover photo by Jessica Tolf Vulpius. Artwork by Yebo and Martin Denns Dennark.

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