Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band - Peace Boat

A Dinner With
Eat My Rolex
Smiling Makes Bitter
The Many Colors of Mr. Van X
Sleeping Turtleneck
Washed Out
Modernist Road Trip
Sea Greens
Show and Tell

Catalogue no.: FROG 074

Release date: 20-04-2009

All songs written, played and produced by Thor Rasmussen and Thomas Teilmann Frederiksen.
Enginered and recorded by Matt Verta-Ray at NY HED. Mixed and co-produced by The Great Nalna.
Mastered by Nikolaj Vinten at Medley Mastering. Featured vocals by Louise Nordling, guitar shreds by Matt Verta-Ray and Jon Spencer. Additional percussion by Yebo, Matt Verta-Ray, Marcus Frostholm and Mathias Hassing. Artwork: RAMA and Snake & Jet. Photo by Stefan Mylleager.

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