Learning from Las Vegas - Petit Bourgeois

Databank Memohaiku
Petit Bourgeois
Winter Waltz
Zeus Took You Away
Leave It Behind
Wanna Know
Long Live The New Muse
One A.M.

Catalogue no.: FROG 012

Release date 10-01-1999

Recorded and mixed at Tambourine Studios, Malmö 98. Produced by Jesper Reginal, Ulrik Petersen and LFLV. Engineered by Anders Nordgren, Marco Manieri and Ulrik Petersen. Mastered by Kim Aage Hendrup. All songs by Mandal.

Artwork by Anna Zadros Hansen and Mandal. Coverpainting by Anna Zadros Hansen.

Thanks: Tegnestiftelsen

Dedicated to the memory og Hans Hvass 1967-1996

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