Shiny Darkly

Since their debut EP in 2012, Shiny Darkly have shed their skin time and time again. From the dark, narcotic post-punk drone of their debut to the sleek and eclectic genre-experiments of their 2018-album Bronze. Their 2022 EP HEAVYY is no exception. With the departure of bassist Oliver Matthew Volz, vocalist/guitarist Kristoffer Bech and drummer Mads Lassen approached their new material with a raw immediacy. The result is contrastful: It’s a warm sounding and heavy collection of songs.

The EP is permeated by an oppressive, uncomfortable heat, as if your pores are bordering on unable to breathe in particularly humid weather. Mads Lassen’s disjointed and wild beats support and break through a dense arrangement of guitars and big band-inspired brass and strings. Kristoffer Bech takes the place of a Black Mirror-equivalent to a vaudeville entertainer, and his vocal is lower and secure in (another contrast) its vulnerable delivery. HEAVYY is out on Friday 4 February 2022 on Crunchy Frog Recordings.


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