Jan Sneum - Sneums Kalejdoskop

1 En amarkaner tager form (Episode 1) 2 New York. Endelig (Episode 2) 3 Ohio. Here I Come… (Episode 3) 4 Musik og historier (Episode 4) Jan Sneum has been dubbed “The Danish John Peel”. He is the grand old man of live recordings at the Danish national broadcaster and an excellent music journalist through 5+ decades. He is much loved among musicians and audience for his omnivorous taste and encyclopedic knowledge of music of all genres and from all over the world. Especially in his early carreer he was also an excellent visual documentarist. So it is fitting that his autobiography is also a photo book. Beautifully printed on 296 glossy pages bound in a luxurious hard cover volume - in LP format (of course). NB: Written in Danish. Digital only soundtrack in 4 chapters: Excerpts from the book read by the author are mixed with an ecclectic selection of music and interviews with artists such as Iggy Pop, Marianne Faithful, Wayne Kramer, David Thomas and many more. Catalogue no.: FROST 027-3 Release date: 31-05-2020
© + (P) 2020 Crunchy Frog Soundtracks Credits: Track 1 Performed by Jan Sneum, Jytte Gorki Schmidt, Giorgio Gomelsky, Marianne Faithfull, Iggy Pop, Narcosatanicos Written by Jan Sneum, Robert de Visée, Narcosatanicos Track 2 Performed by Jan Sneum, Ærkenbrand, Lydia Lunch, Wayne Kramer Written by Jan Sneum, Antonius Marcussen, Sebastian Idun Mørch Track 3 Performed by Jan Sneum, Bene, Nick Nicholis, David Thomas, Nelson Can, Susan Schmidt, Adele Bertei, Kogekunst Written by Jan Sneum, Bebedicte Pierleoni-Nielsen, Signe Tobiassen, Maria Juntunen, Oskar Krusell, Simon Mariegaard Track 4 Performed by Jan Sneum, Maria Faust, Tim Dahl, Weasel Walter, J. Jaanmai Duo, Tone, Peeter Ots Written by Jan Sneum, Maria Faust, Anja Jacobsen, Mija Milovic, Sofie Nielsen, Peeter Ots

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