Late Runner - Someone Else #2

1 Someone Else #2
2 Spring
3 I Wear Shades

Catalogue no.: FROG 179-C

Release date: 23-04-2021 

© + (P) 2021 Crunchy Frog
Published by Crunchy Tunes

"Someone Else #2" written by Asger Tarpgaard and Jacob Bellens
"Spring" and "I Wear Shades" written by Asger Tarpgaard

Someone Else #2:
Asger Tarpgaard - vocal, guitar, synth
Boi Holm - guitar, synth
Theis Alstrup - percussion
Andreas Murga - bass
Neil Robert Young - synth
Lasse Herbst - percussion
Tanja Forsberg Simonsen - vocal
Thomas Troelsen - vocal

Asger Tarpgaard - vocal, guitar, synth, percussion
Boi Holm - pedal steel, synth, vocal
Theis Alstrup - drums
Andreas Murga - bass

I Wear Shades:
Asger Tarpgaard - vocal, piano, synth
Boi Holm - guitar, percussion, synth
Theis Alstrup - drums, percussion
Andreas Murga - bass

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