Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band - Sphere

1 Fritid og Instrumenter
2 Live at the BBC
3 Ellesumpen
4 Planetary Dawn
5 Gravity Owl
6 Dragens Hule
7 Flyveøglen
8 Field Work
9 Magmalit
10 Bergkross
11 Radiotårnet

Catalogue no.: FROG 183-1

Release date: 25-03-2022 

© + (P) 2022 Crunchy Frog
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes

Written by Thor Rasmussen, Thomas Teilmann Frederiksen

Keyboards, guitar and vocals: Thor Rasmussen
Drums and percussion: Thomas Teilmann Frederiksen
Recorded and produced by Thor Rasmussen & Thomas Teilmann Frederiksen
Mixed by Thor Rasmussen

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