Tothe International - Steak

Clone My Genes
Gratis Gift
Theme From Token Negro
Momma I'm A Communist
Cosmopolitan Vampire
120 Dict Def
Once Upon a Nacho
Atmos Fear
Shoot Me
Waterskiing at Match l
Remorse of The Sugar Junkie

Catalogue no.: FROG 008

Release date: 1997

All songs written by Death Tothe except Theme from Token Negro, lyrics by Matthew Caldwell. All songs performed by Tothe International.

Recorded on 1" 8-track in Short'n'Painless, Hamburg by Uffe Lauesen. Additional tracks recorded on Uffe's harddisc.

Produced by Uffe Lauesen and International Death.

Tetris highscore and additional mix on Clone my Genes by Kasper Rud.

Catering by Grill Imbiss International.

Dollwork by Martin "Walley of the Dolls" Schiøler. Photos by Morten Wöldike. MackAttack by John "Them tantalizing beats in my head just won't stop" Bau.

Thanks: all the above and everybody else who worked on this album, Kubi booking, Screamin' J Hawkins, Döner, Matt Groening, Death Tothe (rest in peace), the Crunchymobile (rest in France), the Hamburg gang, Sorte Gris, KODA's kollektive båndmidler, DT Jam, Some guy I guess.

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