First Floor Power - The Jacket Remixes

The Jacket (Album Version)
The Jacket (Peter Visti Remix)
Snake Skin Jacket (Hortlax Cobra Remix)
The Jacket (Karin Knife Remix
To Do List (Akamu Remix)
The Jacket (The Tremolo Beer Gut Version)

Catalogue no.: FROG 063

Release date: 16-05-2008

The Jacket (Album Version) from 'Don’t Back Down!' Produced by: First Floor Power.
Recorded and mixed by: Tom Hakava at UpandRunningRecording.
Mastered by: Jesper Reginal at Kondi Frost.

Photo by: Emanuel Almborg.
Artwork by: Sara Wilson.
DTP by: Mogens Kjeldsen.

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