The Mopeds - The Land of the Three

Dina Tried Her Silver Bow
Steppin'on Fire
The Right To Be Unfunky
Things The Stars Have Forgotten
Little Ugly Moustaches
Speak Honestly
Now She Goes
Spend Some Time
Deep Under The Sea

Catalogue no.: FROG 022

Release date: 14-05-2001

recorded at moped's castle and gula studion, malmö
mixed at gula studion
produced by the mopeds
all songs by the mopeds
all instruments by the mopeds
mastered at tocano by morten bue

cover by jens assisted by martin dennis
photos by marc fluri background photos by jens

thanks to: martin theander, eggstone, marco m, batti b, hanna tambourine, sven, erik, muso, caroline, jenny, josephine, jesper, crunchy, kubi, kristian, the lindgård family, the carlsson family, junko, marc and sophie, spild af tid, every mopeds fan

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