The Massive Oliver North Boy Choir 2007 Girl Collection

Something New
Shell For The Mourning
Baby Cool
Generation Gap
Serbia On Fire
Epidemic Dreams
My Chest Is Empty
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Cry For A Shad0w
Bette Davis Eyes
Adrenaline (Brie's Endorphin Mix)
Shell For The Mourning (Klaus & Kinski Cover)
Baby Cool (Zwook Mescalin Remix)
Blizzard (Attention Now Remix)

Catalogue no.: FROG 058

Release date: 16-12-2007

All songs written and performed by Oliver North Boy Choir, except:
"My Chest is Empty" written by Eric's Trip.
"Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" written by Soja/Dostal.
"Bette Davis Eyes" written by Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon.
"Cry For a Shadow" written by Calvin Douglas Johnson.
"Shell For The Mourning (Klaus&Kinski Remix)" performed by Klaus&Kinski.
"Baby Cool (Zwook Mescalin Remix)" performed by Zwook Mescalin.
"Blizzard (Attention Now Remix)" performed by Attention Now.

Recorded and produced by Oliver North Boy Choir at Coldashell Studios + Camilla & Mikkel’s flat (except the remix).

Mastered by Jesper Reginal at Kondi Frost

Artwork by Jesper Mikkelsen

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