Tothe International - Slow Light Theory

Ripe Fruit
The Gong - Lesson 1
Bored In the Himalayas
Yitzhak Zamfir
That Big Ol Sky
Trouble Travel Light
Midnite And The Medicine
Damn Right!
Summer and I'm Fine

Catalogue no.: FROG 017

Release date: 03-02-2000

The Tothe International Team of Scientists:
K.I. Schiøler: Vocal Dynamics Analyst, U. Petersen: High Range Sonic Engineering and Reverberation, M.C. Caldwell: Low Frequency Operator, J. Reginal: Chief Rythm and Dynamics Developer, R.S. Schmidt: 0,5-1 kHz Field Research Expert, T. Slotmann: Miscellaneous Acoustics Supervisor, M. Fenger: Director of Experimental Equipment Team.

Head of Technical Developement and Digital Editing Unit: Prof. Uffe Lauesen. This project was conceived, planned and tested by The Tothe International Corporation. All experiments performed, recorded and produced by The Tothe International Team of Researchers and Prof. Lauesen. Post-production Data Analysis and Sonic Enhancement by Dr. Reginal and Morten Bue, MA. Graphic representation of the thesis supervised by Dr. Slotmann and Dr. Schmidt.

The team would like to thank: Prof. Lauesen for countless hours of hard work on the project, The Adam Schwartz Institute of Noise Research for generously lending us essential recording equipment, Dr. Fenger - who sadly left the Team after the completion of the experimental stage - for many years of valuable input, all guest lecturers who contributed to the project, The X-Tone Society of Audio Exploration for supplying the lab with the farfisa and a banjo, and all our fellow scientists connected to The Crunchy Frog Laboratories, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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