Tue Track vz PowerSolo – The Unreal Zound

Zonic Sauce
New Fazhioned Girl
Zalty Lick
Dez Filles
Zasquatch Coming
Teachz You Fun
Leather Zuit
Azid Orchid
Boom Babba Do Ba Dabbaz

Catalogue no.: FROG 121

Release date: 15-04-2016

Produced by Tue Track
Co-produced by PowerSolo, Jesper Reginal and The Great Nalna (The Real Sound)
Recorded at Laboratoriet For Voksenmusik, Frederiksberg; Topkapi Studio “Le Son du Sahel”, Aarhus and Kondi Frost, Copenhagen
Mixed by Jesper Reginal at Kondi Frost, Copenhagen
Mastered by Anders Schumann at C4, Copenhagen
Vinyl cut by Andreas “Lupo” Lubich at Calyx Mastering, Berlin
Performed by PowerSolo and Tue Track
Sampled guest stars: Celina Ozymandias, Horatio, Nalna, Yebo, Sanne & Lise, C-Type Brass Gang

Sleeve by Rasmus Meisler (Spild Af Tid)
Labels and dtp by Jesper Reginal

All songs written by Kix/Child/Track except Zonic Sauce by Kix/Child/Track/Lind; Dez Filles by Kix/Child/Track/Doubinsky and Azid Orchid by Kix/Child/Track/Ozymandias.
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes (BIEM/NcB).

Tue Track iz all about:
Otto, Elliot & Sine. Familiy & Friends. My Crew & Collaborators. My Supporters & Listeners. Jesper Kemp. The Yebo, The Crunch & The Frog + The Railthin Bros. (whom I haven’t met – yet).

PowerSolo would like to throw gold nuggets at:
Our families. Celina Ozymandias, Seb Doubinsky, Pierre Giraud 3C, Dawn Mulroy, Arne Thämer Popup Booking, Anderz Nielsen Gearbox Agency, JF Jaune Orange and Tue Track for diggin’ the brown sound!

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