Tothe International

To quote Alexei Sayle: “They are mad, but they’ve got a good watch.”

This is by all means the most weird and entertaining band, not only of the Crunchy Frog roster, but on the entire Danish rock scene. Hell, on any scene!

The unorthodox song-writing of Tothe International blends all possible (and a few impossible) genres and adds a variety of strange instruments, including toys, bullhorn, theremin, jingle bells and the accordion. These guys never leave an idea behind!

The inspirations are many and varied. Names such as Butthole Surfers, Beck, The Residents and Tom Waits say more about the approach than about how the music sounds. It’s whimsical, playful and guaranteed to leave you dazed. And to be honest: In the ears of 97 percent of the world population, it sounds like pure and utter noise!

In case you were wondering: Yes, Tothe International is the reincarnation of Death Tothe, the only band to ever headline the Pixies on their own T-shirts.


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