ONBC - Travelmate


Travelmate (Camber Sands)
Pitch-black Night
The Scythe
New York or Whatever
Vapour Trails
Guilty As Charged
Far Apart
Centre Of The Universe
Alexander Kielland
Travelmate (Minehead)

Catalogue no.: FROG 140

Release date: 03-11-2017

All songs written by ONBC. Produced by Jesper Reginal. Recorded by ONBC and Jesper Reginal at Tambourine Studios. Additional recordings by Jesper Reginal at Kondi Frost & Mikkel Max Jorn at Cold as Hell. Mixed by Jesper Reginal. Mastered by Anders Schumann at C4. Band photos by Jens Juul. Cover photo by Mikkel Max Jorn. Artwork by Jesper Reginal and Mikkel Max Jorn.

Yays to friends, family, Jens Juul and the Crunchy HQ plus special days to Søren Bække Olesen for a deadly lap steel and to Line Felding for a killer cello. And to Mr. Yebo for tambourine and whatnot.

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