The Tremolo Beer Gut - Under Influence of...

Agent Tremolo
The Sleaz-e-nator
Diablo Mountains Sunrise
Slingshot Dragste
Stoli Chaser
The Last Booze Fighter
J-Cat Gone Haywire
St. Duane
The Worm
Theme From The Beer Hunter
Tahonga Lounge Babe
The Cashbah Hit (bad postcard from palermo)
Diablo Mountains Sunset

Catalogue no.: FROG 019

Release date: 10-11-2000

Under The Influence of The Tremolo Beer Gut was recorded in Malmö at Gula, Tambourine Studios and The Eggstone Rehearsal Complex through Shure 57´s and Sennheiser 421´s during October 2000.

Produced by The Great Nalna and The Tremolo Beer Gut. Engineering assistance by Batti and Marco Manieri.

Some of the tunes on this album were composed for the Howard Barker play "Animals In Paradise".

Guest guitar on "Tahonga Lounge Babe" by The Great Nalna. All songs written, arranged and executed by The Beer Gut. All songs published by Crunchy Tunes. Photos by Jessica Tolf Vulpius. Artwork by Tor Slotmann and The Gut.

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The Tremolo Beer Gut wish to extend our most heartfelt thanks towards all our friends and families, Boss Hog, Eggstone, Anders Reuss and Pelle Halvarsson for their magnificent live theremin action, The B-team: Show, Mangan, Satan Beck, Simon & Heste for their inebriated performance at Roskilde Festival 2000, the Crunchy family, Heike and The Crilster, Fzat, Midgårds-Rud, Torbassen, KUBI and last but not least our main men Patrik Bartosch and The Great Nalna.

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