THAU - Utah

One Billion to One
Have You Lost It
Commercial Song
Utah (No.36)
Never Let Me Down Again
Big Flyer
Sometimes It's Smooth

Catalogue no.: FROG 001

Release date: 08-09-1994

Recorded at Grapehouse by Uffe Lauesen & Claus Adolphsen. Mixed at Focus by Per Buhl Acs. Produced by Per Buhl Acs & Uffe Lauesen.

Cover photo: "On The Border Between Utah and Arizona" (1978) by Wim Wenders. Cover by Tonny Schmidt & THAU.

Hurrah for: Per, Uffe, Dolph, Soma, Wim Wenders, Statens Musikråd, Jim, Torsten, Jan Schmidt, Kim Aage, Stærke, Henry P, Bjarne R, Jørgen R, Jengo, Bart, Nars, René Cambony, TBP.

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