Collection: Kira Skov

Kira left her home in Copenhagen at 17 to pursue her dream of playing in a rock’n’roll band. For eight years, she journeyed through many foreign lands like a modern-day gypsy. She lived in London and L.A., but her path led her through many parts of the world.

She created a musical world of deeply personal songs, a style all her own – drawing on experiences from her diverse and sometimes complicated relationships, her life on the road, her continuous musical curiosity, and her many collaborations.

Her musical influences are tied together into sprawling cinematic soundscapes, acoustic and electric melodic material, shadows of trip-hoppy David Lynch-inspired locations, highway cruisers, stripped-down folk-inspired hymns, and glimpses of her love for Billie Holiday. She presents all this with her unmistakably intimate and sometimes rough voice that exudes emotional storytelling.

Kira Skov