About Crunchy Tunes

Crunchy Tunes is an independent music publishing company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1994 as part of the record label Crunchy Frog, it became an entity in its own right in 1996, representing the song writers associated with the label.

Crunchy Tunes shares offices – and staff – with Crunchy Frog Recordings. We handle administration, royalties, A&R and not the least sync licensing in-house.

As we like to keep our enemies few and our friends close, we mainly work with Danish songwriters, but they tend to write their lyrics in English, giving our operations an inherent international scope. Thus, our catalogue is represented by a network of sub-publishers covering the globe from Melbourne to Paris.

For questions regarding synchronizations, please reach out to sync@crunchy.dk

For all other matters, please write to tunes@crunchy.dk

Our focus is artist driven in the sense that we work with song writers performing their own material. In later years, the catalogue has expanded, these days proudly representing a variety of artists beyond the label. So, besides the artists you’ll find on roster of Crunchy Frog Recordings, we have the honor of working with the good people listed below.

Videos from Crunchy Tunes Artists