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FROG 203-A

Digital only
Digital single

© + (P) 2023 Crunchy Frog
Published by Crunchy Tunes

Lyrics written by Tobias Sachse Mogensen
Music written by Tobias Sachse Mogensen, Erlend Benjamin Eggestad, Nikolaj Bugge, Mads Flethøj Ege, Tobias Andreassen

Tobias Sachse Mogensen: Vocals, backing vocals, synths, percussion, piano
Erlend Benjamin Eggestad: electric guitar, backing vocals, synths
Nikolaj Bugge: accoustic guitar
Mads Flethøj Ege: bass
Tobias Andreassen: drums

Additional musician:
GRETA: bacing vocals

Mixed and produced by Nis Bysted
Mastering by Emil Thomsen.
Artwork by Buster Ask Taudal Andersen

Released December 8, 2023

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